Geeked God's Article

I got mentioned in an article about ECCC! Read it the whole thing here, or check out the bit about me beloooow. 

 Read it here"One of the best things about any convention is finding new things to love, and the great joy of my ECCC was being introduced to the stick figure art of up-and-coming artist Meggie Ramm, currently an MFA student at California College of the Arts. Ramm spent the weekend drawing stick figure portraits for other con-goers, with so many requests that she had to raise her commission prices several times just to slow things down. "

New Comic: Your Direction

This is an assignment from awhile ago, when I was supposed to create a comic from a song I liked. The song is "Your Direction" by Suits of Steel, who you can check out here


Anxiety on the Daily Dot

One of my anxiety comics (one of them, geesh, that's not a good sign) got featured on the Daily Dot! It accompanied a beautiful article written by the even more beautiful Cynthia McKelvey. Check out her science articles if you get the chance, she debunked why cats are terrified of cucumbers. 

The article is right here, but I thought it was high time I posted the comic anyway. 

Finished a zine!

Finished my Ithaca zine, called "I'm not from here". 46 pages, self assembled (next time I'm hiring minions to help with that), black and white. Check out Instagram for more details. 

Highlights include:

  • Ranking of Ithaca bars
  • Recommendation on Ithaca eats
  • Recipe for delish black bean burgers
  • Drawn daily selfies
  • Code writing tutorial
  • Playlists
  • Comics
  • Journal entries about being a college grad 20-something

This was fun, might do one for Ann Arbor and other places I've lived in. 


Dear blog, 

Trying to get better at watercolor. Working on a zine about Ithaca. Started a second job. 
I'll do better.