California College of the Arts, Class of 2017 - MFA in Comics

University of Michigan - B.F.A. in Art and Design, B.S. in Enviornmentalism


Youth After School Comics Program (YASP) - California College of the Arts (2019)

Nusku Arts Comic Teacher - East Bay (2016)

Park Day Elementary Comic Teacher - Oakland (2016-2019)

Reading Comics Teaching Assistant - California College of the Arts (2017)

Graphic Novel Workshop Teaching Assistant - California College of the Arts (2016)


Inking Tools and Techniques - CCA Summer Workshop (2017)

Intro to Tools, Techniques and Manga Studio - Redwood City Library (2017)

Creating a Comic Character - Comics Camp, co-run with Justin Hall (2017)

Comic Book Character Design - Alum Rock Branch Library (2018)

Character Design - Berkeley Library North Branch (2018)

Emanata: The Secret Code of Comics - Berkeley Library North (2018)

Emanata: The Secret Code of Comics - Cartoon Art Museum (2018)

Emanata: The Secret Code of Comics - Summer Strides Reading Program (2019)

Teaching Kids Comics - CCA Summer workshop (2018 - 2019)


writer/artist, “Finish that essay!” The Michigan Daily (2013)

                   “You’ve been warned!” The Michigan Daily (2013)

                   “After gay marriage was legalized” The Michigan Daily (2014)

“2014 winter college olympic events” The Michigan Daily (2014)

writer/artist, “The Ocean’s Story”, Greko (2014)

writer/artist, “It Could’ve Been You” GUN CONTROLLED, Jennison (2016)

writer/artist, “I Got This”, Advanced Death Saves, Trujillo (2017)

writer/artist, “5 Ways to Stay Informed About the News Without Getting 

                  Emotionally Drained” Everyday Feminism (2017)

                 “How We Can Make Sure Our Protests Are Effective and Inclusive”

                 Everyday Feminism (2017)

                 “Is Your Allyship Proactive? How to Be an Ally in Training” Everyday

                   Feminism (2017)

                   “Here’s How Representation in Comics Could be Way Better”

                   Everyday Feminism (2017)

writer/artist, “Anxiety: Grad Skul Edition” The Daily Dot (2016)

writer/artist, “Stick World: Out of Crapsville,” MFA Anthology (2017)

intern, “No Straight Lines”, Vivian Klein Documentary, (2017)

writer/artist, “MFA Comics Brochure”, California College of the Arts (2018)

artist assistant, “Guts”, Raina Telgemeier project, (2019)

artist assistant, Unnamed Daniel Clowes project, (2019)

writer/artist, “Drawing the Oakland Teachers Strike”, KQED Arts (2019)

writer/artist, “Ann Arbor Public Library Free Comic Day Comic” (2019)

writer/artist, “Votes for Women” anthology, (2020)